Thursday, June 1, 2017

Types Of Low Fat Granola And Their Benefits

By Kevin Lee

People who are familiar with granola are aware of some of the health benefits it provides the body with. This food is usually composed of different types of nuts and fruits. Low fat granola is popular in weight loss diet programs. Here's a detailed look into how this vitamin rich food helps your body.

The whole grains found in this common super food contains a lot of fiber which includes nuts, whole grain oats, and dietary fiber. It is a praised food because of the amount of fiber it contains. You only need one cup of this food to receive four grams of fiber. You body needs fiber to help with the digestion process. These grains are known to help keep blood sugar at safe levels and keep you full longer so hunger is not a problem. Oats found in this food contain soluble fiber which helps lower bad cholesterol levels and removes bile acids from your body.

Many people are surprised to find out their body needs fat in order to function properly. The two types of fat are good and bad, and each type of fat possesses different sub-fats. Good fats, which are Omega-3 fatty acids, are ones that protect the body from different types of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases, while bad fats are ones that hurt the body and often cause diseases and chronic illnesses.

In order to remain healthy, another thing your body needs are vitamins. You need vitamins to help keep your immune system strong and fight diseases. A lot of people are fond of refined cereals for getting their daily intake of vitamins, but this super food can provide more vitamins than any refined cereal. Vitamin E and Vitamin B are the main vitamins in granola. These vitamins help keep your skin healthy and aid with proper functioning of the body.

Like vitamins, your body also needs minerals for proper function. A few minerals this food contains include zinc, phosphorus, copper, and selenium. Almost every mineral your body needs to remain healthy is included in this super food. Super foods are meals or single items that contain an abundance of essentials for your health, including vitamins, minerals, and fats.

All carbohydrates are not bad. Good carbohydrates are ones that provide your body with healthy fats and promote healthy weight gain or weight loss. Bad carbohydrates are put in the body by consuming bad fats, including chips, drinks high in sugar, and other types of junk food. Needless to say, your body benefits greatly from good carbohydrates and not bad carbohydrates.

Protein is needed for many things, including muscle health, energy levels, and cell regeneration. When you're feeling a little slow and sluggish, you need a super food to get the job done. Protein can help with helping you get a good night's rest, as well as keeping your energized throughout the day.

People who wish to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle can start eating this food. Eating this super food on a regular basis can improve a person's daily life and help them avoid common diseases and illnesses. A person who is healthy can perform better and have more energy to do more of the things they enjoy.

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