Monday, March 19, 2018

Interesting Life And Career Stories Of Bishop Charles Harrison Mason

By Brenda Davis

Over the past centuries, a lot of people reached fame for their dedicated works and efforts. Some are known as heroes, others are recognized for their skills and mental acuity in their field of expertise. This proves that humans are definitely wonderful and remarkable beings.

Especially in Theology, there are plenty of people who are recognized for many important things. One of the people who have made a good impression to the Bishop of the Church of God is Bishop Charles Harrison Mason. He was the founder and such Church was then developed into what we know these days as the biggest Pentecostal church. Just like with the rest, he also has a story to tell us that we might want to know. Follow his childhood and stories by reading the following paragraphs.

Even though he did not receive formal education, his parents were the people who influenced his religion and beliefs. Born in the place called Tennessee, Mason had a lot of obstacles. At aged fifteen, he become a member of a particular Missionary and then received a baptism. Even though Charles was against the idea of pursuing ministry since all he wanted was to be a clergyman, he still achieved such thing.

Around 1880, a serious epidemic broke out that travel across neighboring regions and greatly affect his father named Jerry. Since most treatment centers, hospitals and clinics at that period were shabby and in poor maintenance, his father died from the illness forcing him and the rest of family to moved to Arkansas. Even though he later contracted the ailment, Charles was miraculously saved by the prayers from his loved ones.

In some of his journeys, he had gone through numerous things which make him experienced conversion. One of his greatest motivators is Amanda Berry Smith who is, at that time, a popular African Methodist. Just like other individuals who received greater sanctification, he claimed to be inspired. Eventually, he met many professionals who have helped him throughout his preaching journeys.

Mason had so many travels that allow him to further preach and spread his faith to other people. He was not solely focus on a single church, but rather he had plenty of experiences in numerous places. Other than visiting Colleges, he also takes part of some community practices. On 1926, he formed an organization which concerns the basic policies and regulations of church.

He never missed on being married. Mason biography note that he had three wives whom he was devoted to. The first being someone he knew is Alice Saxton. But since Saxton was not satisfied with his Ministerial life, he decided to have a divorce. Although he did not wish to marry again, he met his second wife. Later on, he achieved a happy and long life with the final and third wife.

By the time of his death around 1961, the institution he manged spread throughout many places, including foreign nations. Eventually, the members and the churches grow in numbers. In the twenty first century, the group is now considered as the largest one in the US.

There are so many groups who was named under him. Just like with the rest, the organizations received a lot of recognition and awards from various bodies. With that said, many people show interest.

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