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Steps For Getting The Fast Divorce GA Partners Prefer To A Court Battle

By Timothy Nelson

Statistics say that about half of all marriages end up in divorces. It's never an easy decision to end a relationship, especially when children are involved. There comes a time in many marriages when couples must decide whether to stay together or split up. Sometimes the best thing for everyone is to make a clean break. In this case, the non-contested, fast divorce GA experts recommend could be the best option.

Uncontested divorces are those in which the partners have come to an agreement on the particulars of dissolving their marriage. They have agreed on how to split all the assets they have accumulated during the marriage. If there are children, the parents have developed a plan for custody and have agreed to child support amounts. Once everything is in place, the couple can file papers with the court and get a judgment.

The benefits of uncontested divorces are many. They are much less expensive than contested divorces. Once lawyers are involved, the costs can escalate quickly. Instead of an attorney handling the paperwork, couples can do all of it themselves. Uncontested divorces are more efficient. Couples will have to wait for their cases to be heard, but once the case is approved, the marriage can be legally dissolved is as little as a month.

There are basic issues that have to be ironed out before couples can file papers. They have to decide how to divide the assets they have together. This usually includes real estate, like the family home, bank accounts, stocks, and personal property, like cars. Parents must come to an agreement about child custody. Joint custody involves both parents making mutual decisions for their minor children. Spousal and child support is the final issue. Georgia has guidelines for couples to follow.

Even couples separating under the most amicable of circumstances, sometimes have trouble coming up with a settlement agreement that is satisfactory to both of them. In these cases, a mediator can be a good solution. This is a trained neutral third party who can help couples negotiate with one another. A mediator does not make decisions for couples, but is there to assist them in reaching their own agreement.

In other cases, it may be necessary for each side to hire a personal lawyer to help with a collaborative divorce. Some couples feel more comfortable with a professional on their side to help them negotiate a settlement. The goal is to come to an agreement without having to go to court.

Once a settlement agreement has been reached, one of the spouses must file a complaint in the Superior Court where that spouse resides. The settlement agreement is included with the complaint. After that, the matter is in the hands of the court. Once approved, the marriage will be dissolved in about thirty-one days.

Divorces aren't easy even when couples separate amicably. Working out a satisfactory settlement together is an ideal solution to a difficult problem. It is quicker, cheaper, and easier on everyone.

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