Tuesday, September 11, 2018

What Are Commercial Solar Carports?

By Nancy Young

One of the emerging technologies in renewable energy is the development of solar carports. They have gained a lot of popularity over the years and many commercial entities are integrating them as a solar power initiative. Commercial solar carports are fast becoming an integral part of any solar power commercial project.

This is because they have several advantages to establishments embracing renewable energy. With the constant increase in electricity and fuel prices, renewable energy is becoming more and more lucrative. It holds a bright future for many businesses looking to remain relevant. It will soon become a common sight to see solar panels and other solar related devices in major towns and cities.

The spotting trend of solar-powered electric cars will also be a common thing in parking lots. Many companies have prepared for this and others are on their way in the near future. Carports have been set up in some countries and others are being set up with capabilities of charging solar cars daily.

One of the major benefits of solar carports is that they utilize the already existing space. This is unlike other panel types that are mounted on land. They are mounted on the already existing car parks while cars are parked underneath.

They are utilizing the already existing space in a better and more functional way. This is unlike the other solar panels that are usually mounted on the ground. They take up the existing large parking areas and make them more useful.

Apart from just offering power to solar powered vehicles, they can be used to power buildings. These can help save massively on electricity costs. They are a preferred alternative to the otherwise complex and expensive solar roof systems. Various layouts can be used in the design of the carports.

In some of the designs, the panels are usually angled in a manner that allows them to get maximum exposure to the sun throughout the day. The designs also consider factors such as rain and other building system logistics that directly impact rooftop installations.

Most of the solar carports installations are being developed in educational institutions such as universities and colleges. Others can also be found in shopping malls and other commercial parking areas. The designs used in all these areas are dependent on the budgets and the layout of the area. Custom designs can also be done to create unique projects.

Maintenance of the solar carports is relatively easier compared to other solar system installations. They require very little or no maintenance at all. In case of any repairs needed, access to the solar panels is easy.

Any business looking to gain from capital improvements should consider solar carports. There are also financial gains from these installations. This range from the increased profits due to the lower expenses as well as the accelerated depreciation of the investment.

There are other unforeseen benefits that have been realized with these projects. Staff motivation has been achieved with employees feeling proud of working with organizations that take renewable energy solutions seriously. This has led them to also take up solar solutions at a personal level.

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